Services and Benefits

Financial Planning From Certified Financial Planners:
A Real Advantage

  • CFP™ training involves the study of investments, retirement planning, taxes, estate planning and employee benefits. This background helps us look at the big picture in your financial situation. We don’t prepare your taxes or write your will, but we do work as a team with your existing tax and estate planning advisors.
  • We offer complimentary retirement planning for our clients. Retirement is a major transition, and many people may be unprepared for the financial and lifestyle changes involved. Our reports are able to take into account a variety of hypothetical situations, such as an inheritance, sale of property or a mortgage pay-off.
  • Complimentary college planning is also available for one of the most challenging commitments parents face.
  • Advice regarding other common financial decisions, such as gifting, buying a house or a new car, is another part of clients' financial picture. If it involves more than $5000, we want to hear from you.

Fee-based Investment Management Means:

  • Independent advice regarding  mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other financial assets. We include education as needed so that you understand what you have.
  • Comprehensive analysis of your asset allocation in an easy-to- understand one-page format.
  • Development of specific targets for the asset allocation in your accounts. We help you understand the implications of a given mix.
  • Reporting on your progress toward those targets, presented in an “at-a-glance” format.
  • Specific criteria for making changes in the accounts. If we make a change, you will know why. You’ll also know how your investments compare to their peers.
  • Custom-tailored portfolio planning, based on your situation. We don’t have any “canned” portfolios.
  • Your annual fee includes complimentary asset allocation advice regarding your 401(k) or 403(b) accounts.