Your Goals, Your Priorities

Your Goals, Your Priorities

Our clients want to focus on building success and enjoying life. They also want to have their personal finances in good shape. Unfortunately many people don’t have enough time in their day to plan, research, evaluate and implement all the steps required to stay on course. To maximize their time, they choose to work with a trusted financial advisor.

Financial Independence provides a team approach that offers objective research and advice, along with personalized strategies. Our services are designed to address your specific wealth management needs, working hand-in-hand with your tax and estate planning professionals.

Creating your financial road map&#160;<br />one step at a time

Creating your financial road map 
one step at a time

Things can get complicated at the intersection of life and money. Expanding wealth, a new job or a growing family, sending a child to college, or preparing for retirement—all of these can be immensely positive changes. Each of these events requires just as much planning as the more difficult challenges of life, like divorce, death and health concerns.

Because we value your perspective, we give you a chance to review our proposals, ask questions and approve the next steps before we move ahead. We want you to be comfortable with each part of your plan. Once your plan is in motion, we’ll provide regular updates on your portfolio, so you know where you stand. We also explain how current market and economic forces may impact your life, to help identify potential risks and rewards, so that you can plan for life’s transitions with confidence.